(Do Not) Pass Go

25 & 26 September

I had never taken the 5A bus to Dulles. The only other time I’d even been to Washington’s major international airport was to pick someone up, and for that I drove out. I suspect the 5A is usually a large bus with a rack for luggage like what I’d seen on the B30 to BWI, the bus to Laguardia in New York, and between the parking lot and terminals at Dulles. But today something was off. When I reached L’enfant Plaza, an older couple was complaining that the previously scheduled bus never arrived and that they were in danger of missing their flight. A bus driver on the 14th Street route guessed that it broke down. When the bus arrived, it was actually two smaller, standard WMATA sized buses instead of the large luggage-oriented bus I had anticipated. We all filed on and I sat in the back.

And then there was the traffic. I-66 was unexpectedly slow moving for 2pm on a Thursday. I never did figure out what caused the mess. And, of course, once the bus got past the Rosslyn stop something in the engine went haywire. It didn’t affect the driving, but it created a very loud pounding sound right behind where I had sat. I now worried that I might miss the flight. Fortunately, once we got onto the Dulles toll road, the traffic disappeared and I arrived with–not plenty– but a safe amount of time to spare. Enough time to snap this photo that is supposed to have the moon in it: Continue Reading


Pre-Departure: Why Does This Blog Exist

Welcome to Bad Photos of the Moon, a personal blog of my one month journey that happens to coincide with the arrival and departure of the current moon. As the title of the blog suggests, I will take terrible photos of the moon and post them throughout my journey. I don’t necessarily want the photos to be terrible; I’m just a really bad photographer, so I’m going to be open with my deficiencies at the outset. Knowing my faults, I did not go out of my way to buy a quality camera. Instead, I’m stuck with a smartphone and “spy sunglasses” to take photos of my adventure.

Besides showing off my lack of photographic expertise, why am I writing this blog, you may ask? Well, I’ve been planning this journey for a few months. My itinerary has gone through several changes, based mostly on my own interests, but the internet was a tremendous help in determining the places and events that will make up the journey I am about to embark upon. Indebted as I am to these bloggers who’ve gone before me, I decided to join the pantheon of the travel bloggers and provide insights to those who will visit exotic destinations and experience the life of other countries long after I’ve returned. Continue Reading